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Attendance FI-Rvk 1st meetupIt was great to see around 35 people who registered and showed up for the meetup.

We had two great stories one from the Mentors Runa Magnusdottir on why she started her own business and the other by Siggy on how he got the courage to quit his job and start his own business. It was great to see the authenticity, transparency and vulnerability of the speakers. We were fortunate to see them share their personal struggles, courage and resilience to make decisions to take responsibility for their state. It was clear to me that those who stop wishing and start doing are the right people for this entrepreneurial journey. It was also siggygreat to see the personal side of entrepreneurship and starting up. We only tend to see the huge successes like Facebook or Plain Vanilla Games or Clara but there are small defeats and victories that every one who…

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